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alati means salt and reflects the flavor and character we aim for

alati design is a creative studio specializing in multifunctional design, branding, visual identity and communication, dealing both with print and digital media. We draw inspiration from perceptive personalities and insightful gestures. We will approach the needs of your brand or project with the proper care and warmth, and invest in realizing your vision with due professionalism. Meaningful and powerful design guided by our open-minded attitude, ethos and passion is provided with consistency and responsiveness.

about Shanti Thomaidi designer at alati design studio athens branding chaos in visual order


meet the salt shaker, Shanti Thomaidi

I am an Athens based visual designer full of curiosity and love for the arts, the noisy cities and the wild islands. Thankful for my academic and professional background in both Mathematics and Graphic Design, which played a significant part in developing my analytical as well as my synthetical thinking, I am always on the hunt for their fragile interconnection. Big advertising agencies, where I served for almost a decade as a visual designer, just could not hold that enthousiastic heart down. Thus, I founded alati design determined to realize my dream and looking forward to realizing yours too. Now here we are, thriving through great synergies, contributing in businesses’ growth, and putting chaos in visual order.


huge music addict / fervent supporter of uniqueness & diversity / owned by a fluffy, sassy cat