I’ve Always Wanted To See A Martian

An astronaut finds herself trapped on an unfamiliar planet in space. The fear, which initially overwhelms her, transforms into an insatiable desire to experience the new reality surrounding her making the most of all her senses. The film gives us the opportunity to observe her struggle between her impulse to conquer and her yearning for surrender. To develop the film’s voice by perfectly reflecting the aesthetics and the vibe of the movie, the poster design aimed to emphasize the feeling of loneliness. The central idea was based on promoting the extraordinary contrast between the huge hard cold green coarse blocks of stone and the tiny soft warm human body trying to explore this otherworldly environment and become a vital part of it. The minimalistic lines, in accord with the futuristic alien setting, set against the rough texture of the print, highlight materiality. The representation of the rocky landscape was intended to not only refer to the actual texture or the process of exploring a place through the sense of touch, but also to the impact humans’ existence has on the planet. As far as the stylistic elements of the poster are concerned, applying the color palette depicted in the film was crucial to create a cohesive look across all channels.


E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial


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